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14 year old Craig* started attending the Oasis Education Centre for three days a week in the middle of the year. When we first met Craig he presented as having low self-esteem, low confidence, little motivation and a hard time establishing friendships. Craig came from a background with complex grief, trauma and abuse.
Throughout his time at Oasis, staff witnessed time and time again the transformative effect expressive arts programs have had on Craig’s self-esteem and confidence.
Through the use of art, creative writing, song writing and recording, Craig has been able to explore and express the experiences that he has had in his life, as well as gain a clearer picture of where he would like to head to in the future.
We were so pleased to see Craig in a better place than when we first met him, and as he returned to school full time, is confident in the friendships he has made and the support that he gained at Oasis, discovering his voice and a way to express life through creative outlets.
* Details of this story have been changed to protect privacy.


Sarah* first attended the Oasis Education Centre after not attending high school for almost a year due to a death in the family, ongoing family conflict and financial difficulty.
When Sarah first started at the Oasis Education Centre, she showed very low self-esteem and confidence levels.
Over the ten weeks she was attending the program, staff members could see that she was developing a clearer sense of self and her confidence levels rose dramatically. Sarah had enrolled to start the following school term in a local high school and felt very positive about starting school again.
Sarah is currently loving school and doing very well in all of her subjects. In addition to her school life, Sarah is looking for a casual job to fit around her school hours, and is now very keen to finish her HSC at school.
* Details of this story have been changed to protect privacy.