About Us


Our Space is a unique place where local young people can connect with a wide range of services in a creative and collaborative environment. With a focus on nurturing academic, social and emotional development, young people can participate in a Board of Studies approved alternative education program, as well as get involved with Art, Dance and Sport after school programs, and the backyard Community Garden. For anyone keen to develop their entrepreneurial skills, there is a Social Enterprise scheme, as well as a Youth Advisory Group, and confidential counselling is available on-site, for individuals or access as a family.

While at Our Space, young people should experience a seamless integration of services; meaning that while accessing the alternative education program (for example), they may also be accessing the after school program or counselling services without even realising this was being run by a different organisation. Referrals will be kept as simple as possible, with information being shared (with permission) where possible, rather than the same information having to be repeated multiple times.